Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eybrow Threading License to open business. 954-243-8549

Do you want to open your own eyebrow threading business?
Do you want to know the rules and regulations?
Are you new to the U.S and need  to know more information?

I can walk you through all the steps and make life more easier for you!  

First of all you need a threading license which we can often transfer.  (However, some states like California, Indiana, and Virginia require completion of local hygiene and threading instruction and certification.
Secondly I need you need to decide whether you want to open up your own business or work in an existing business.  If you decide to open a business where would you do it ?  Kiosk in the mall? At home? A mobile eyebrow threading business? (This requires a different license and has another set of rules which we can walk you through) Strip Mall? Flea Market?

Want to know all the rules and regulations such as:

  • Do you know you need a business license?
  • An occupational license?
  • Trip and fall insurance coverage?
  • Professional liability insurance?
  • Worker's Compensation? (if you have employees other than you or partners)

Save your personnel assets by doing the business right way. I could help you and guide you to what is right for you and your business. Free consultation. Call or email today for more help and to discuss your needs.


I can answer your questions and concerns.


  1. I suggest that everyone considers getting the license. It's not really difficult to get a Texas cosmetology license so why risk it? I mean you can be able to work without it for a few weeks or even a few months but if they catch you, you will have to pay a pretty expensive fee. Plus more clients prefer licensed professionals.

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