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Eyebrow Threading License in U.S. -954-243-8549.

Perform eyebrow threading and increase your revenue!

Most threading salons perform on 40 to 60 people per day.  This is a 15 minute service. You can generate a good customer base. All skin care technicians can learn to perform threading.

Licensing requirements differ by state. You can call me to learn if your state requires a license, or you can call your local Cosmetology board. The states that require licensing generally mandate that all technicians possess a skin care license in order to practice threading.  Working under another licensed technician is generally not enough. Each individual technician needs to have one if they are touching the client and performing treatment.  Even if the salon owner says a license is not required, call your state's Board of Cosmetology and find out if one is required. Make sure you have a license to practice and a work permit (if applicable).

All salons have additional legal requirements such as proper insurance, hygiene certification and other specific business licenses.  Make sure you and your salon are operating legally and safely. Failure to observe legal and hygiene requirements can be costly.

I can also help you to get a license in threading or skin care if you are already trained. We need to prove to the board that you are trained in another country.   I can assist you in obtaining the necessary paper work.  Regardless of the state you reside in, you can get a license in skin care!

Q & A        

What is the procedure to get a threading license?

Simply begin by filing an application with your local cosmetology board.  Once they receive proof that you were properly trained in another country, you should get approval.  Many require an evaluation.  They will typically mail your license within six weeks. It is quite easy. Some states require a waxing license instead of a threading license.

Do I need a skin care license to practice threading?

Yes,  most states require a skin care license in order to perform threading. Find out what your state requires by contacting the state cosmetology board.

Can I open a threading business at my home?

Yes, most states allow home threading businesses if the necessary paperwork has been submitted and the necessary licenses have been obtained.

What type of documents must I submit?  Some common requirements are listed below.  Always check with your state for requirements.

  • License to practice threading (first step)
  • Business registration and licenses
  • Checking account under registered business name
  • Occupational license
  • Home business license
  • Insurance (including worker's comp if you have employees)

If you need help doing the paperwork, call us today for more details.  Opening without proper paperwork is illegal. If any one sues you, you may be personally liable.  Be sure to protect your home and your business. All it takes is a little work. Always do the business the right way! Call me for a free consultation.  I can even assist you in obtaining a threading license.

Can I open a threading kiosk?
Kiosks in malls need water (portable sink). Threading kiosks also need all the typical licenses and insurance types listed above.  I can help technicians succeed in opening a skin care and threading business.

How do I transfer a license from another state?

Different rules, licensing requirements and training hours are required by many state cosmetology boards.   Many states also require an HIV/AIDS test update to apply for license. Call me and I can assist you in transferring a license.

I have four locations and am having a difficult time finding employees with expertise and good customer service skills.  How do I find professional, qualified threading technicians?

Our company provides training.  You can send technicians to us, and we will help them perfect their threading techniques.  We not only teach them the correct techniques, but we instruct them on professionalism, customer interaction and salesmanship.

What other ways can you help my business?

We can also help you in setting up additional services and selling more products.  This will help you increase your revenue beyond what you are earning by threading.  When a client comes for one service, upselling and encouraging them to schedule more services and buy additional products is profitable and cost effective. You are not paying additional expenses and are getting more out of one customer. We can show you how to maximize your profits max for your square footage on your commercial rental.

Call us today for a free consultation.


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  2. do i need to have licence for eye brow threader ?
    if yes how does it coast ? i m experiened person ? does it counts ? or i need to go through training ?

  3. Eyebrow Threading license depends on the State you are in. Each State have different rules.
    If your State requires license then we need to check what are the Skin Care hours? Call me if I can help you getting the license by getting your transcripts from your school. My # 954-243-8549.

    1. Hi anirudh any suggestions looking for license cosmetologist for my salon in Illinois asap specialy can do threading

  4. Hi,
    I am interested in getting eye brow threading licence. I am expert in eye brow threading, Waxing, facial skin care, manicure, pedicure as well as hair massage. I am residing in Illinois and looking to start services at home..First, I would like to have only licence for eye brow threading and waxing...Can I get your consultation to get licence?

    1. Yes you can call me. You need skin care license to perform eyebrow threading. It falls under temporary hair removal which is skin care license. Call me.

    2. Hi..anirudha..I want to get eyebrow threading licence ..I am in ohio state..I do t know in ohio I can start my business with out licence ornot..if I need licence then how can I get it..please help

    3. Ohio State requires Skin Care license. If you did the course in your country we can transfer the license by applying all the papers work to the State. I can help you in getting the Ohio State license. I can also help you to open your own location.

  5. I am certified in threading and waxing facial hair removal but I am looking for license it any possibility that I can get license ...I live in Knoxville ,tn...

  6. What are some expenses for a small threading booth rental inside a hair saloon. Is it better to show myself self employed or my husband who does not work much but file joint tax return take business in his name or file self employment and expense out my wages as workers wages and I get W-2.
    Kindly also guide on any other expenses that can save money for small business threading booth rentals where not much of income typically 15-20 K / Annum if this increases with business what other expenses I can show besides basic equipment and goods needed (which for this type of business is pretty cheap). I have read about advertising and my self have been distributing flyers and handout by going around, my son who is not dependent also helps me in promotions and bookkeeping.
    I don't think here there are allowable start up cost deductible, I do not know I am just speculating. Thanks. I would be awaiting a great reply that might help all small threading artist who want to start up.

  7. Do my wife need eye brow licence in arizona

  8. All you need is Eyebrow Threading certification course. Which I can get you in online. Send you material then after writing test I will send the certificate to practice threading. State board does not require skin care license to practice eyebrow threading. If you want to open a location you need city license and insurance. worker's comp if you hire an employee.
    I can help you to open a location with low or high budget depends on your vision and dreams. Call me at 954-243-8549.

  9. How can I contact or call you ? I need help please !

  10. I am a licensed esthetician I was trained to thread by an expert have been threading for 4 years now how do I obtain a threading insurance I am currently opening my own shop was told I needed insurance for that.